Monday, November 7, 2011

perlukah wasiat??

Wasiat Wasiat is a declaration of a person made during his lifetime with respect to his property or benefit thereof, to be carried out for the purpose of charity or for any other purpose permissible by Islamic Law, after his death. Benefits of writing a Wasiat * A Muslim can bequeath up to 1/3 of his estate to non-Faraid heirs or for charitable purposes (after deducting all debts and liabilities). The remaining 2/3 of his estate will be distributed to the Faraid heirs, in accordance to Faraid proportions. * A Muslim is able to make a provision of Harta Sepencarian in his Wasiat, thus the surviving spouse is able to claim the matrimonial property before distribution of estates as accorded with Faraid principles. * Ability to appoint an Executor of your choice. Your Executor can be an individual or corporation, authorised by you to deal with your assets and should be experienced, independent, trustworthy and impartial so as to ensure proper administration and distribution of your estate * To appoint the Guardian of your minor children (below 18 years of age) or special child. The Guardian will be the primary caretaker of your children who's responsible for their well-being * To remunerate persons in conducting specific tasks stipulated in your Will, e.g. caring for your elderly parents or your children * To ensure that the distribution of your estate will be fast and efficient, as there are lesser formalities, thus avoiding possible erosion of the value of your estate What happens in the absence of a Wasiat: * The distribution of entire Muslim's estate will follow Faraid principles. * Adopted children or step children will not entitle to inherit the estate of their adopted parent or step parent. * Non-Muslim family members will not entitle to inherit the estate of their Muslim family members. * The court will choose an administrator to distribute your wealth, personal belongings (including jewellery, furniture, art) and other assets according to the Faraid principles, regardless of any desires you may have expressed during your lifetime. * The process for a court-appointed administrator is cumbersome and time consuming. It will inevitably delay the final distribution of your assets that may in the meantime cause financial distress to your family. * The court-appointed guardian may not be the most suitable or appropriate person to care for your minor/special child. jika ade persoalan mengenai wasiat, tanya la saya.saya sedia membantu

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